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First Consultation (a $395 value – for a limited time, only $55!)

My approach is focused on looking for the underlying, root cause of the problem. I work from a functional and integrative nutrition and medical perspective. I usually work with your other medical professionals to develop a treatment plan that is appropriate and that works for you. As an osteopathic doctor and a registered dietitian, I will ask you questions about your emotional health, your financial health, your physical health and incorporate information about your family, your stress level, your sleeping patterns and your career plan and schedule. I care about you as an individual and we will always work together to develop a plan that you are comfortable with and that will work for you - to help you get better and love life again! Your body can heal itself with some help in understanding any deficiencies, sensitivities and allergies, all with your lifestyle and budget in mind.

First Consultation (can be in-person or virtual from anywhere in the US!)

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During this session, we’ll discuss:

  • Your current eating habits
  • The role food sensitivities plays in inflammation and chronic disease
  • Why food sensitivities are under diagnosed
  • A simple plan for getting relief of your symptoms without medications

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